ISBE 2022 Covid Information

To help ensure a safe and scientifically productive meeting please keep the following information in mind:

What to expect at ISBE 2022: There are currently no restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden. Therefore, face masks and social distancing are not required at ISBE 2022. Delegates can of course choose if they would prefer to wear a face mask during the meeting and should be mindful that individual health choices can differ among delegates.

What to do before arriving in Stockholm: Regulations can change quickly. And international travel can be a challenge at the moment. Therefore, before coming to Stockholm be sure to get information on:

  • Your travel to Stockholm – make sure you are aware of any travel restriction (none are currently in place, but check here), and check your travel plans with your travel providers in advance.
  • Health insurance and information – we encourage all delegates to travel to Stockholm with the necessary information and insurance to access the Swedish health care system if needed. What you need will depend on your country of origin. Please investigate your options in advance here and here.
  • Upload your presentation to ISBE+, our virtual conference platform. This will ensure that your work reaches the ISBE community.
  • You can keep up to date on Swedish guidelines using the information provided on the Visit Stockholm website.

ISBE 2022’s Covid contingency plan: If you develop Covid symptoms during ISBE 2022 we ask that you:

  • Stay at your accommodation and avoid close contact with others.
  • You can call 1177 to obtain healthcare advice from a nurse. You can also find out where to go to receive healthcare. You can normally go to a healthcare centre. There, a medical assessment will be carried out and you will be given an appointment time if necessary. At the healthcare centre, you may be referred onwards if you need specialist medical care.
  • If you are seriously ill, you should call the emergency number 112 and ask for an ambulance.
  • While avoiding contact with others, food can be ordered to anywhere in Stockholm using food delivery websites such as Foodora.

If you develop Covid symptoms and are isolated, we recognize that this could mean you are not able to present your work at ISBE 2022. We will be unable to reschedule talks to accommodate illnesses in real time during the congress. Therefore, we encourage all presenting delegates to upload their presentations to ISBE+, our virtual conference platform, before arriving in Stockholm. ISBE+ was developed as a contingency for the uncertainties surrounding the Covid situation and we urge delegated to take advantage of this service.



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