The City

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and Sweden’s largest city. Known as a vibrant, multicultural metropolitan area, Stockholm is a city full of character. Stockholm is commonly ranked among the ‘best’ and ‘most liveable’ cities in the world with good reason.  

Founded more than 800 years ago, Stockholm is a mix of historic buildings and a modern aesthetic. Built on 14 islands, Stockholm offers spectacular views of the Baltic Sea, is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and offers access to more than 100 museums and world class dining and night life. And whether you know it or not, you are probably familiar with many of Stockholm’s exports. Alfred Nobel, Greta Thunberg, ABBA, and Avicii all hail from Stockholm, while Skype, Spotify and Mindcraft were all launched from Stockholm! 

Yet despite its urban feel, Stockholm is connected closely with nature. Stockholm and the surrounding areas have many trails that bring hikers to spectacular views and historic locations. The Stockholm archipelago, a collection of nearly 30,000 islands and islets, is easily accessible from the city centre. If you are looking for a peaceful cove, untouched island, rocky cliff or beautiful Baltic Sea views there is no better place than the Stockholm archipelago. 

The conference has been timed to coincide with the Sweden’s amazing summers. With daylengths reaching nearly 17 hours at the end of July, delegates will have plenty of opportunities to socialize after the exciting conference sessions have concluded each day.  

You can find more details on things to do in Stockholm or on nearby sights and activities on the Visit Stockholm website ( 


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